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P/D Cafe Latte Foam Mask “Firming”

  • ITEM NO. ADS592

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Product Information

Purederm Cafe Latte Foam Mask "Firming" is a patented wash-off mask that uses a mixture of Formula1(Coffee Cream Mask) and Formula2(Milk Booster Essence). When these two formulas are mixed, CO2 is generated, which is transformed into a soft and rich mousse foam, which effectively removes unnecessary dead skin and impurities by supplying CO2 directly to the skin. Coffee Bean Extract and Retinol make weakened skin elastic, and Blueberry Extract keeps the skin clear and clean. Also, Vegan Milks deliver rich nutrients to the skin, making it healthy and beautiful. Above all, when you mix thewo formulas, the fragrant scent of cafe latte heals your mood, giving your skin the feeling of drinking a cup of cafe latte.

How to use

1. Thoroughly cleanse and dry the skin. 2. As shown in the picture, fold the pouch in half lengthwise and open it by tearing bottom notch. 3. While folded, squeeze out both formulas into the palm of your hand. 4. Mix both formulas well and when the foam rises enough, apply a thick layer on the face. 5. After 10-20 minutes, rinse thoroughly with lukewarm water.

Capacity and Packing Specifications

Unit Pack: 6g(1step), 6g(2step)

Inner Pack: 24ea

Gross Weight: 5.5kg

Case Cube: 0.024CBM