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P/D Miracle Solution Micro Fill Patch “SPOT”

  • ITEM NO. ADS661

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Product Information

Purederm Miracle Solution Micro Fill Patch series are advanced biodegradable filler treatment that effectively delivers Hyaluronic Acid into the skin without the pain and fear of using needles.

How to use

①Wash your face and pat dry. ②Open the package and take out MIRACLE SOLUTION MICRO FILL PATCH. Remove the white films from the patch. Apply the patch on the desired area making sure the sharp side facing the skin. ③Remove transparent films from the surface of the patch and press vertically the patch on the skin 3 to 5 times every 2 minutes to facilitate the absorption of the active ingredients. ④Remove the patch after 2-3 hours and gently massage remaining residue into the skin with cream or toner.

Capacity and Packing Specifications

Unit Pack : 2patches
Inner Pack : 12ea
Case Pack : 288ea
Gross Weight : 5kg
Case Cube : 0.054CBM