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PUREDERM UV Control Vita Daily Sun Cream

“Unbelievable moisture for a light finish!”
“This triple-function daily sun cream protects you from skin troubles and UV rays!”

PUREDERM’s UV Control Vita Daily Sun Cream is a triple-function sun cream that
brightens skin and reduces the appearance of wrinkle on top of protecting skin
from strong UV rays by blocking both UVA and UVB rays.
This moisturizing, hypo-allergenic sun cream can even be used on sensitive skin,
as it contains ten vitamins(VITA10 Complex) to brighten your skin tone and Witch Hazel
and Portulaca Extract to calm the skin.

How to Use

For the last step of your skin care, spread it evenly over your entire face.

Be sure to reapply this cream often during extended periods of sun exposure and outdoor activities.


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